If you ever had any doubts about the impact returning these flags has on people’s live, then watch the videos below. They’re of three different ceremonies documenting the return of three different flags. I don’t know about you, but my eyes definitely got a little watery while watching them. 

The man you see in this video was the younger brother (seven years younger and 86 now) of the fallen soldier. Even though 70 years have passed since he last saw his brother, it's clear from the video he him quite well.

The flag was returned on April 28th at Yasukuni Shrine. 

This flag belonged to the father of the older lady you see in the video. She’s 72 now. So she was probably pretty young when her father left for the war, which would explain why she has no memory of him. But as you can see, receiving this flag still had quite an effect on her. 

The flag was returned on April 29th at Okayama Gokoku Shrine.

Lastly, this flag was returned to the nephew of the soldier. He is now 72-years-old. Apparently there were five brothers, and the nephew was the son of the oldest brother. The one who died in the war was the third, or middle, brother. Some of the other brothers still survive, but the nephew was the only one who came to the returning ceremony. 

The flag was returned on April 30th at Yamanashi Gokoku Shrine.

After watching these videos, you're probably wondering what's going on with Sukio Ueda's flag. I have more information, but just haven't had the time to put it up. It should be up in a few days, and you definitely won't want to miss it. Things have taken a turn that I don't think anyone saw coming.