It has been a few days since I’ve posted, and some people may be a tad curious as to what’s going on. Well, the short answer is not much on my end. However, I know that’s definitely not the case over at OBON 2015 headquarters and halfway around the world in Japan. I can only speculate that they’ve begun the tedious process of knocking on doors over there and searching through old school records (if they exist).

After OBON 2015 sent me the document below, I emailed them back. I wanted to know if it were possible that the school Sukio was attending could have been a university of some sort. I guess some part of me hoped that he had at least been out of high school. That he hadn’t been drafted at who knows what age.

The name of the school would have been Fukuoka-ken Enga Nogaku Gakkou, and it was, in fact, not a college or university. Here’s the breakdown of the school’s name in OBON 2015’s words: 

Fukuoka-ken = The location is in Fukuoka Prefecture

Enga = Some name, of a place or person or thing….but unknown to us.

Nogaku= the word "No" means "agriculture" the word "gaku" means study.

Gakkou = school

Since that time, the school has changed its name to Fukuoka-ken-ritsu Enga Koto Gakkou.

Fukuoka-ken Enga Nogaku Gakkou could have been a high school with an agriculture name because of its location. Like naming something ‘Sand Hills Resorts’ because the resort is smack dab in the middle of, well, hills and sand. It could have been a trade or technical high school, or a regular high school that heavily emphasized agriculture in order to prepare students to become future farmers. Whatever the school’s purpose, the point is Sukio probably didn’t get to finish whatever it was he was studying.